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We have suggested you  the most beautiful city centers and the best seaside resorts to visit in Salento  during quiet days of relaxation. If, on the other hand, you love discovery and adventure, don't miss our list of attractions, which include the most important monuments, architectural structures, parks and activities not to be missed during your vacation.

Attractions in Salento

"La Conca" kart track - 2 km

a large sports center very close to our structure, located in the territory of Muro Leccese, along the route that leads to the Adriatic coast of Otranto. Inside there is a Kart track, home to national and international championships that are held throughout the year.

"La Cutura" Botanical Garden - 2 km

located in the territory of Giuggianello, surrounded by olive groves and also very close to our B&B. Here you can admire over 2000 succulent plants from different countries of Africa and Latin America, gathered in spaces that reproduce the microclimates of the environments of origin. Rocks, Cacti, Agaves and Opuntie give life to a landscape that excites the visitor for the variety and size of the plants.

"L'Alca" Pelontology and Palentnology Museum - 6 km

Dedicated to the reconstruction of Salento prehistory, the Museum is a very important reference for the study of the history of Southern Italy. The exhibition itinerary includes reconstructions of wildlife and human environments through 65 million years, historical artifacts and a valuable collection of art and crafts. The Museum is also suitable for the blind, thanks to the Braille descriptions, and includes an extensive library.

The "Zinzulusa" cave - 12 km

so-called from the dialectal term "Zinzuli" that is rags, with which the fishermen called by similitude its beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. A unique show just a stone's throw away, in the wonderful Castro Marina.

Scuba Diving - 13 km

Otranto is not only wonderful, but also fun. To experience a unique emotion it is possible to book lessons or real scuba diving with the city diving center. An unmissable adventure for lovers of the genre.

Boat excursions - 13 km

Also from Otranto it is possible to leave for exciting boat trips, romantic or adventurous, as a couple, in a group or as a family. Tours move north or south, depending on the weather, in complete safety and with appropriate insurance coverage. In this way it will be possible to visit the coast towards Castro or the marinas of Melendugno, enjoying an aperitif between one stop and another to take a swim in the most beautiful coves of Salento, even those inaccessible by land.

Basilica of Santa Croce - 34 km

An unexpected glance, a sumptuous stone carnival that is offered to those who walk along Via Umberto I in Lecce, not far from Piazza Sant'Oronzo, a symbol of Lecce baroque. Founded by the count of Lecce Gualtieri VI of Brienne in 1353, it was elevated to Basilica by Pope Pius X in 1906. The façade is punctuated by a series of columns and a balcony with balustrades, supported by figured corbels. The triumph of decorations leaves you astonished and, at the height of this explosion of bas-reliefs and sculptures in Lecce stone, the work of Cesare Penna based on a design by Giuseppe Zimbalo, the large rose window emerges, decorated with floral friezes, bunches of fruit and cherubs. The basilica is accessed by three portals, of which the central one is lavishly decorated. The interior, in the form of a Latin cross, with a hemispherical dome, is divided into three naves by columns with sculpted capitals. The central nave has a wooden lacunar ceiling. In the very rich interior furnishings, the altar of San Francesco di Paola stands out, decorated with twelve bas-reliefs depicting the life of the Saint, the work of Francesco Antonio Zimbalo. Simply breathtaking.

Jewish Museum - 34 km

The Jewish Museum of Lecce was founded in 2016 to bring to light the period of Lecce history between the ancient age and the modern era, with particular attention to the contribution of the Jewish community.  

Piazza Duomo - 34 km

It is a splendid Baroque atrium which is accessed by a spectacular and imposing monumental entrance, circumscribed by a harmonious sequence of Baroque buildings: the cathedral of Lecce, the seminary and the Bishop's Palace. Entering this enclosed space, one is struck by the dizzying height of the grandiose bell tower - built with five floors tapered in the second half of the seventeenth century by Giuseppe Zimbalo - and by the sumptuous side elevation of the Cathedral (dedicated to the Assumption) also by Zimbalo, a true triumphal arch created in honor of Sant'Oronzo. The precious finely chiseled portal hosts festoons and dancing cherubs, symbols of a baroque that finds worthy exaltation in Lecce. Walking towards the square, it will be impossible to avoid admiring the papier-mâché shops.

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