In the beautiful scenery landscape Salento, with its vivid glimpses of still wild and pristine, to just minutes from the bright and crystal clear waters of the sea of ​​Otranto, Santa Cesarea and Castro Marina, the Bed and Breakfast  “Sole del Salento”, in Sanarica, is the ideal place for a holiday of comfort and friendliness.

Sanarica is a small country that stretches, in part along the provincial road from Muro Leccese  to Poggiardo, and in part, to the left of it, in the direction of Giuggianello.

The town's origins date back, presumably, between the ninth and tenth centuries,after the  destruction of Muro Leccese, by the Saracens. The refugees dispersed in the surrounding developing other new towns: Giuggianello, San Cassiano, etc. Soon between these countries arose disputes especially for territorial boundaries, which were resolved by Giovanni Antonio Orsini Del Balzo. These not only defined the boundaries between the various countries, but to make them visible, ordered the construction of the towers on the edge of each fiefdom. Probably this circumstance in determining the choice of the emblem represented by five towers. The country retains traces of the presence of both Messapians that the Byzantines. It was destroyed several times over the centuries; was part of the Principality of Taranto, then from the Orsini del Balzo passed to D’Aragona who entrusted the fief to the Lubelli and finally to the Basurto. They held it until 1806, date subversion of feudalism.